Our Story


It took five years to design that first icon European Secret Soft, Support, Seamless headwear.

It began when one of our employees at the undergarment industry felt that the comfort and itching on her day to day headwear (She wore one every day!) had to be reinvented to something Comfortable, Soft and yet remain elegant, so to speak, to be a fashion statement.

We researched yarns, collaborated knits, imported all our produce from Italy-ensuring to give it the maximum results in comfort and texture. It was an arduous journey. One we hardly imagined to prevail.

Finally, European Secret headwear was born in 2013.

European Secret TM headwear is woven from the finest antibacterial microfiber Italian yarn, which are overseen and knit by Italian knitting professionals worldwide. The components we engineered to contour the head garment are silky soft and feather light, adapting to your head size, and making you feel you’ve got nothing on your head.

Our European Secret TM icon headwear took off by storm…

In continuation of our passion to create unique premium headwear, we delved in to introduce and create an offering of woman apparel built in the tradition of the European Secret culture.

European Secret TM Woman apparel has the entire fabric made in Italy and then crafted into intricate detail designs in our atelier by-truly us, which is then sewn and tailored here on premises in our in house Factory in Montreal.

At one of our team meetings we came up with a resolution; we will come up with 3 committed values to stand by as we develop our range of collections…We brainstormed for a full day (we ordered lunch as to no one would leave their seats ;))

We came up with the quintessence embodiments every one of our designs MUST include:

  • Comfortable- Every garment has to include ultimate Comfort to stroll your home and leisure around with.
  • Home Hosting- It’s got to have Tailor designed definition to wear in a home ambiance while hosting her loved ones with tea over the weekends.
  • European- Our Trademarked name remains unchanged –The garment is exuding a refined cultured sophisticated woman.

If a garment doesn’t hold all our quintessence embodiments then we will not incorporate the garment in our collection.

European Secret wants you to be a true expression of your individuality and personal style. Create yourself as you take advantage of today and everything it has to offer.

Enjoy and remember these moments.

Embrace the European Secret culture.

XOX, Uniquely us.